What's Her Secret?

Collection of six sexy short stories

in ebook box set and in one print volume.

'Secret Seductress' by Geraldine O'Hara

When you’ve fancied someone for a long time and finally get into the bedroom with him, things start hotting up!

Mandy is known as the girl everyone turns to for a good laugh and some fun, but she’s hiding a secret from the friends she usually hangs out with in the local pub, The Rusty Nail. She’s fallen for one man in their group, Leon, a sexy-as-sin piece of deliciousness who gives off the impression he’s a bit of a rake. Mandy doesn’t care—rake or not, shewants him, but the question is, how do you ask a friend out without ruining that friendship?

Thanks to a quirk of fate, Mandy is able to become someone else—a wanton sex siren who gives her the confidence to be whoever she wants tobe in the bedroom. Leon has no idea about Mandy’s desire for him, so ina sexy outfit, stockings and high heels, Mandy’s ready to give him the time of his life.

'The Submissive's Secret' by Natalie Dae

Lori must prepare herself for the flogging of her life.

Lori has been keeping a secret from her friends. She’s being taught the lifestyle by a Swedish Dom, Jaska. Soon it’ll be time for him to lether go, but there’s one issue. She’s fallen in love with him and he doesn’t know it. With two secrets on her mind, plus knowing her relationship with Jaska will soon end, Lori isn’t sure what to do. Theirplay enthrals her, and she’s found it’s the only thing that makes her feel alive. She has one last scene she’d like to act out with him—and that’s a good and painful thrashing with a tawse.

Jaska collects her and whisks her away to his home. His dungeon is a place Lori feels immediately at ease in, and when she spies the flogginghorse, she knows she has to climb aboard. And when she does, she discovers that what she’s experienced with him up until that point is eclipsed by pleasure and pain so great she doesn’t even know her own name…

'Ashes to Flames' by Nichelle Gregory

Ashes to flames… their love has always stood the test of time.

After searching almost a year, Sabria has begun to lose hope she willreunite with her blood-bonded mate, Jai. All she can think about is finding him and reigniting their fiery passion while there is still time. Sabria is overjoyed when she locates Jai against all odds, but herrelief is short-lived when she discovers he has no recollection of her and worse yet, he is happily engaged.

Jai senses an immediate connection to Sabria the moment he lays eyes on her. Devoted to his fiancée, Jai is wary of the strange bond between him and Sabria. He wants to keep his distance, but finds himself seekinganswers to secrets only Sabria can provide. Blindsided by the truth andan unexpected tragedy, Jai knows he needs to somehow set things right before time runs out and he and Sabria are lost to one another once again.

'Last Call' by Crissy Smith

Haunted and on the run, Piper must decide—trust Jace with her secret, or leave, breaking both their hearts?

Ex-Marine Jace Anderson has followed orders his entire life. Now freeof the bonds that held him, he has started over in a new town with his own bar. He’s even found the woman he plans to settle down with. If he can keep her from running, that is.

Piper Maxwell never stays in one place for long. She’s learned to stay two steps ahead of the past that haunts her. Moving on has never been a problem until she meets Jace. Jace calls to a part of her that she long ago buried. And she knows if he finds out what she’s hiding he will run as far and fast as possible.

Jace must convince Piper he will remain by her side always. That vow is tested when Piper’s past finally catches up with her.

Will Jace and Piper be able to find their happily ever after or will the start of their relationship also be the end?

'Her Secret Ingredient' by Lisabet Sarai

Stir in a pinch to stir up his passion…

When the Tastes of France food channel offers Mei Lee “Emily” Wong a series of guest spots, she jumps at the opportunity to take her culinarycareer to a whole new level. Ultimately, she wants a show of her own, but first she has to prove herself to Michelin-starred network founder and effective dictator, Etienne Duvalier. A legend in the world of classic French cuisine as well as a domineering perfectionist, Etienne is sceptical about the culinary abilities of a woman from Hong Kong. To make things more difficult, the master chef is also so gorgeous that Emily can't help being attracted to him.

Emily tries to solve both problems by spiking her luscious profiteroles with an ancient Oriental aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, Harry Sanborne, the low-key, bespectacled producer for Emily's show, samples the delicacies she intends for Etienne's consumption. His powerful reaction to her secret ingredient comes as a pleasant surprise to them both. Harry turns out to be far more impressive in bed than on the set. However, he can't do nearly as much to advance her ambitions as Etienne.Emily tries once more to tempt the exacting M. Duvalier with her special cooking as well as her feminine charms. The outrageous results threaten to end her TV career forever—until Harry steps in to save her reputation and claim her heart.

'Secret Identity' by Stacey Lynn Rhodes

Sienna knows anything can happen when working undercover, but falling for a

suspect while in her secret identity has got to be the worst mistake she's ever made.

It was the easiest undercover job Sienna Reynolds had ever got into character for. Used to mostly boring, buttoned-up corporate roles, she could bring her real self out to play and instead of hiding her tats andpiercings, they were fully out on display. That, of course, made her instantly recognisable to her sexy dance partner from the club last weekwhen he walks in the door. But Sienna's very good at what she does…and it was no coincidence that she had met him then and runs into him now.

The attraction between them is still off the charts, but Sienna has a job to do and part of that is treating as a suspect everyone associated with the business she's infiltrating. One fact she knows for sure—Greg Mazzeo is keeping a secret too, and she needs to find out what it is as soon as possible.

Excerpt for Secret Identity...

Sienna stepped out of her pants, dragging her socks off at the same time, carefully not to let the gun clunk on the floor. Then she neatly folded the pants up and tucked them into her bag before zipping it closed.

In just her panties and tank tops, carrying the condom, she crossed the room back to Greg. He’d been slowly jacking himself during her striptease, and when she got to him, he reached out to her. She went to place the condom in his hand, but he batted her hand aside and instead curved his arm around her hips, dragging her off-balance so she collapsed partially on him. “C’mere,” he belated invited as she relied on him to keep her from crushing him or hitting the floor.

“I am here,” she muttered as she struggled to regain her bearings.

“On second thought…” He gripped her waist and lifted her to her feet, then bent to unlace his own boots.

She smirked as she recalled how frustrated he’d gotten with his limited mobility earlier. “Pants a bit too tight there?”

He kicked his boots under the desk and pulled off his socks. “Only when they’re around my legs, straitjacketing me. And I think I caught you enjoying my tight pants earlier,” he retorted as he shoved them downand off along with his black boxer briefs.

She’d been right—he was wearing an ankle holster, which he left in place. Then he stood, erection unflagging in front of him, and began to undo the buttons of his uniform shirt.

“That so?” she managed in response then swallowed heavily, recalling the weight of his cock on her tongue. Now that she was in her bare feet she was reminded anew of how imposing he was, and…

“Yep.” He pulled his shirt and tee off over his head, revealing a broad chest with heavy pecs. He didn’t have a single tattoo that she could see.

A virgin.

She smiled at the thought. It was rather unusual, though, as most of the officers she knew sported some sort of tat. Go down the line at the gun range and you’d be hard pressed to find a bare arm.

She pictured Greg in a shooting stance—shirtless—and her mouth went dry. God, it seemed as though she had a little bit of badge bunny in her. Knowing he was in law enforcement lit her up even more, or maybe itwas just being clear on the fact that he was one of the good guys.

Rather than come up with a response to continue the repartee, she grabbed the waists of her tank tops and ripped them up over her head in one smooth move. When they cleared her eyes, she was rewarded by the sight of Greg riveted on her upper chest. She grinned. Whether his gaze was on her tats or her tits, she wasn’t sure because—Sierra smirked—there wasn’t much space between the two.