Spring Training

Book Four in the Seasoned Women series

With two diverging careers on the line, Teri and Aaron are torn between the right thing to do...and what feels so right to them.

With a son who's played since he could walk, Teri lives, eats and breathes baseball. She was almost more excited than Emery when his invitation to a minor league team's training camp came. But excited doesn't begin to describe her reaction to Em's new mentor, Aaron Reynolds. A spring fling? Just the ticket.

Fighting a chronic injury, Aaron is biding his time untilhe can return to the majors. Being assigned a mixed-up rookie to babysit is fine with him, especially one that come with a sassy, sexy camp follower like Teri. But he soon finds he has his hands full...trying to keep Emery on the straight and narrow...and trying to keep his liason with Teri strictly physical.

Reader Advisory: This book was previously released as a short story. It has been considerably expanded and revised. This book is part of a series because of theme only. It is a fully stand-alone story.

An exclusive excerpt...

Teri’shands and arms were full of the reuseable grocery bags she’d hauled up toEmery’s new apartment. Unable to knock, she kicked the door three times hard.No answer. And she’d just talked to him ten minutes ago. “C’mon, Em,” shemuttered, pulling her foot back for another ‘knock’.

Instead ofresistance, her foot met air as the door opened. Thrown off balance, she took adesperate step forward, trying to regain her balance.


She wascaught firmly by the elbow and steadied by a large, strong grip.

“You mustbe ‘the number one fan’,” the unfamiliar voice added with a touch of sarcasm.

You must be Aaron, the apparently grumpyroommate .

Finallystable, she looked up, expecting to see a young man around her sons’ age.

Boy, wasshe wrong. In a good way.

Suddenlyhyperaware of the hand still grasping her arm, she fought for composure. Herover-stimulated primary erogenous zone—her brain—was having a field day as theman in front of her tripped every trigger she possessed at once.

Tall,muscular and athletic? Check.

Tawny,sun-kissed skin and blond hair? Uh-huh.

Deepceladon green eyes with little laugh lines at the edges? Nice touch.

She inhaleddeeply. Gads, he even smelt heavenly. Male, spicy and a little bit like…gloveoil?


The squintlines were promising. Maybe—hopefully—he wasn’t nearly as young as she’dexpected. Or maybe they were just from playing ball in the sun for so manyyears and she was a total perv. She glanced down at the elbow he still held.

“Oh, damn,sorry about that.” He removed the oily rag he was holding in the handsupporting her, swiping at her skin ineffectually with his thumb. At least, itwas ineffective at removing the grease. It was proving pretty effective atsomething else though…

Her eyesnarrowed as something about his face gave her a prod of recognition.

Aaron? Hmm…

Trying toplace him, and realising she hadn’t yet said a word, she finally responded, “Noproblem.” She was proud of how normal her voice sounded.

Get a grip, Sandusky. You sooo needa man if you’re lusting after your son’s roommate.

Gratefullyseizing upon the grounding effect of the thought of her son, she continued,“You must be Aaron. Is Emery here?”

“Yes.” Hebacked in a bit reluctantly. “C’mon in, he just rolled in. I’ll try to catchhim before he gets in the shower.”

Terifrowned, distracted from her hormonal mental wanderings. “Just rolled in? Youmean, from being out last night?” Oh,great.

Aaronshifted, looking uncomfortable, but before he could answer, Em strolled intothe living room. “Ma, hey!”

“Ma?” Aaronechoed incredulously, going still.