Stacey Lynn Rhodes

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Love...

Reader Advisory: This book was previously released as a short story. It has been considerably expanded and revised. This book is part of a series because of theme only. It is a fully stand-alone story.

An exclusive excerpt...

Colin was dreaming.

And it was one he was going to hate to wake up from.

The almost-forgotten feeling of blood pooling, tightening his groin, was a huge relief but made it feel almost unbearably sensitive. He could feel every drag and cling of skin on skin as he thrust against the pillowy softness cradling his erection. Sliding his hand, he mapped a curvy, warm form, lost in the sensation of arousal, something he hadn’t experienced for so long.

Since the accident.

His libido took a brief dip at that thought, but he shoved it away and continued to explore.

Feminine whispers—I love you. I want you—brought his rising passion ebbing back almost to reality once again. For what woman could love or want him after what had happened? Now that he was less than a man?

Then moist warmth engulfed his cock, driving every thought from his head and he arched into the heady feeling. Hands, petite but strong, anchored his hips, and he had to content himself with small pelvic rocks as he tangled his fingers into silky curls.

“Yes,”he groaned, encouraging his phantom lover and she responded by increasing the slow suction along his shaft to sweat-inducing pressure. Pausing at his tip, her tongue glided around his sensitive cap before engulfing him once again.

One hand left his hips, only to grip his straining cock at the base, pumping him in time with the motion of her mouth on him. The other hand slid down the line of his inner thigh, and continued onward towards his groin. Part of his brain began to protest, but the slight edge of teeth along his shaft seized his whole attention, and he cried out in pleasure.

The sound seemed to echo in the room, and Colin opened his eyes, just as his dream lover—who was real, not a dream—cupped his sac.

And gasped in shock.

Her head popped up and he got his first look at his flesh-and-blood bed partner in the dim light of the room. Disbelieving brown eyes met his from under tousled auburn waves, and her full lips were parted, slightly puffy from the efforts of her prior attentions.

This observation brought him back to the reality of her hand still grasping his cock—his erect cock, wonder of wonders. His eyes slipped past her to see his brother standing at the foot of the bed, cupping his own erection through his pants, a slight smile on his face. Colin raised his eyebrow, but he decided to wait until later to lecture Trev about the weirdness of apparently hiring a hooker for him. The fog of his arousal and jet-lag combined to make it seem like a good idea to disregard all his wonderment—who is she? and thank God, my cock still works!—and return to the rapidly fading moment.

His head fell back and he thrust into her hand, and for a moment, she reflexively stroked his length.

“Trevor, what on earth happened?” Her voice was cultured and melodic. Not a pro, then.

And she thinks you’re Trev.

“Your, um… Something’s wrong with your balls,” she continued. “I think one’s hiding.”

Colin opened his eyes as he fought a mirthless snort, and he looked into her concerned face then back at Trevor, whose lips twitched as he reached out to rest his hand on her lower back.


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